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Why Our Sports Background Matters.

Proactive Shift: In athletics, recruiting has to be planned proactively, not addressed reactively.

Objective Evaluation: Built on the foundation of objectivity, KneXas ensures that hiring decisions are based on measurable skills, achievements, and potential, minimizing bias in the selection process. 

Performance Metrics: Leveraging a comprehensive set of performance metrics, KneXas goes beyond traditional resumes, allowing organizations to assess candidates based on relevant key performance indicators and track records of success. 

Scalability: KneXas is designed to handle large volumes of candidate data efficiently, providing organizations with a scalable solution to manage the complexities of modern recruiting. 

Talent Identification: Just as Division 1 athletics programs identify and nurture talent, KneXas excels at pinpointing individuals with the skills and potential needed for specific roles, contributing to effective talent management. 

For most businesses, not having the right talent stagnates growth.


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I get it. Hiring the right talent can be overwhelming.

I know you want to be a visionary leader who drives exponential growth. In order to do that, you need skilled talent that’s dedicated and deeply connected to your company's vision. The problem is, the process of finding and hiring the perfect candidate can be time consuming. This can leave you feeling drained and on the brink of settling for mediocrity.

I believe every business leader deserves a recruitment process that's efficient, insightful, and promises long-term growth. That’s why I’ve dedicated over twenty-five years, blending expertise from athletics and the corporate world, ensuring hiring is not just about filling a role, but about future-proofing your business. Here’s how my approach is unique:

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